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Diagnosing and Treating Pain with Hands and Medications

royal pain centerIn an era marked by medical advances, from state-of-the-art surgery to the newest prescription medications, what unique tool do osteopathic physicians continue to use?  Their hands.

"Osteopathic manipulation is the use of trained hands to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of human conditions that affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and other 'soft tissue' that do not show up on medical tests," said Dr. John Downey.  He and his wife, Cindy, own and operate the Royal Pain Center.

Dr. Downey is a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), specializing in physical medicine and pain management.  Cindy is the director of the Royal Pain Center and is responsible for the smooth operation of the business.  "Painful conditions are evaluated and treated exclusively here," said Cindy.  "We utilize therapies, medications, minor surgical procedures and, yes, our hands to lessen pain."

osteopathic manipulation servicesThrough osteopathic manipulation, people of all ages and backgrounds - including athletes, performance artists, workers with on-the-job injuries and everyday people suffering from common ailments - have found relief from pain and dysfunction.  Dr. Downey uses multiple treatments as well as osteopathic manipulation to successfully relieve pain and restore mobility to his patients, by maintaining proper alignment and structural function. This hands-on treatment can actually help patients avoid pain and immobility.

"Osteopathic doctors are medical doctors that are trained to use their hands to help diagnose and treat," said Dr. Downey. "We are trained to be all-around family doctors first, and then can further specialize if we want to.  We are trained that all parts of the body have to work efficiently in order for health to be maintained."  Nutrition and exercise are also important components of good health.  Dr. Downey also feels that less medicine is better than more medicine, and usually tries to help people reduce their medications, if possible, in conjunction with their prescribing doctor.

While manipulative treatment is commonly associated with physical ailments such as low back pain, this far-reaching treatment modality can also be used to help relieve the discomfort associated with a number of disorders including asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstrual pain, sinus disorder and headaches.

A recent study of acute lower back pain showed that spinal manipulation is an effective treatment option.  Similar studies on the use of osteopathic manipulation to treat other disorders are currently under way.  Dr. Downey is confident that the results will quantify what he and his patients already know - osteopathic manipulation is an effective additional treatment and can work for you.

“We enjoy the opportunity to evaluate people in pain and teach them why they hurt," continued Dr. Downey. "I like to assist them to feel better and to do more.”

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